LiNGER is a luxury tour operator with a conscience, where travellers LiNGER longer, travel responsibly,
immerse themselves in the culture, act on altruistic impulses, absorb, engage, and explore.

A traveller on a LiNGER trip, is someone who appreciates private, bespoke and luxury holidays combined
with meaningful, active and altruistic experiences.

Founder’s Q & A


LiNGER was born out of a passion for travel and a desire to do more to help protect our planet.

What’s your background?

I have spent the last 20 years living and breathing the Americas and Asia.  From travelling overland through every country in Latin America to studying and working in Belize, Bolivia, Canada, Mexico and Nicaragua. I took a sabbatical in 2010 to spend a year researching and travelling through South East Asia, China and India.

I became involved with complex trip planning for South America specialist operators in the early 2000s. One of my initial projects was for a renowned landscape photographer and his mission to capture images of the extreme cardinal points and edges of the continent – part of a global project with a 104-year-old camera.

Who is your clientele?

I have worked with private individuals, families and senior business figures from all over the world where creativity and depth of knowledge is required for a highly personalised and logistically complex trip, ranging in duration from a couple of weeks to over a year of tailor-made travel.

What’s your approach?

I aim to meet all my clients and ensure at least one face-to-face encounter before a trip takes place, especially when working with someone for the first time. I have always found that this helps in getting to know the client to build trust and as a result create a rich and extraordinary trip.

My philosophy towards trip planning is the slow life approach – although this can of course be a challenge depending on time restrictions and an individual’s desire to see more.

I endeavour to provide contrast and variety and strive for continuous traveller engagement, balancing the needs and interests of children and adults to ensure the trip is enjoyed by all.

Accommodation may have elements of the most simplistic to sprinklings of high-end luxury which results in both standing out in – hopefully – the best of ways. At all times I try to avoid mainstream mediocrity, one night stays or awkward and overly staged events and activities.

What sets you apart?

The LiNGER philosophy will indulge travellers in authentic and transformational travel experiences and endeavour to incorporate something on every trip that gives back.  This could be from the traveller side if they have a particular interest or skillset but also from the company side.

Steve Wilson, Founder – LiNGER